Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bali Sarongs Pareo Factory in Bali Indonesia

Pareo factory in Bali. Sarongs pareo manufacturer in Bali. We're able to produce and export many kind of sarongs pareo. Handmade using rayon fabric and quality dyes. Buy sarongs wholesale and enjoy quality sarongs. As seen in many beaches around the world. We have years of experience in producing sarongs pareo made of rayon textile. We're able to supply you with the following kind of sarongs and pareos. All made of 100% rayon fabric, not cotton or other kind of fabric.

  • Plus Size Batik Sarongs
  • Sequined Batik Sarongs
  • Embroidered Rayon Sarongs
  • Stripes Sarongs
  • Tie Dye Sarongs
  • Hand Painted Sarongs
  • Solid Color Sarongs
  • Hawaiian Sarongs
  • Reggae Sarongs
  • Mini Half Semi Sarongs
  • Sarong Clips Ties
  • Wedding Sarongs
  • No Fringe Bali Sarongs
Photos of sarongs factory in Bali. You're welcome to contact us regarding your inquiry for Bali sarongs. We give quick response. Our email address is listed on each of the photo below.

Sarong Factory in Bali Indonesia
Batik Sarongs Factory in Bali